Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Other Special Days in Estonia

The project meeting in Estonia took place from the 10th to 14th February 2020. Three years ago the meeting was planned for the period of 24th-28th of February but some changes had taken place in three years’ time and in 2020 it was a school holiday week. Still, it was decided to follow the planned topic – Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. 

Monday, the 10th February – Welcome at school. Ice Breaking activities. A school tour.

Presentations of “Shrove Tuesday (Ash Wednesday)” of each country. Getting to know Häädemeeste hamlet – visiting the local museum, Häädemeeste Miikael Church, the local library and the community house. Getting ready for modern technology – creating teams, preparing a revision game on all the traditions (Shrove Tuesday, Childrens’ Day, Christmas, St Martin’s Day, Holy Spirit, Independence Day) handled in three years’ project period.

Visiting the local authorities of Häädemeeste Municipality in Uulu village.

Tuesday, the 11th February – Working on Jeopardy Games using the platform

Celebrating Shrove Tuesday in the modern way – special dishes (pea soup, whipped cream buns) in the school canteen, having different workshops like making spinning toys, bugs out of wires and pearls, friendship bands, silk painting. In the afternoon, instead of sledding and skiing, a Treasure Hunt in cooperation with Tahkuranna Primary School and project group in Jõulumäe Sports Centre. Visiting local primary school and the local Youth Centre in Tahkuranna. The cooperation between the schools and local institutions in the municipality is very common. 

Wednesday, the 12th February – visiting Tallinn, capital of Estonia. The wealth of Estonia is its sea and its forest. The project group visited the Seaplane Harbour: and Estonian Maritime Museum Paks Margareeta:, and had a walk in Old Town of Tallinn.

On Thursday, 13th February it was learnt how Shrove Tuesday was celebrated in the old times. It was presented at Kurgja Farm Museum.  The evening was spent in Bowling Perona in Pärnu.

Friday, 14th February – in the morning finishing Quizzes about different traditions, making tutorials about used Internet environments (, The afternoon was spent in Kabli Visitor Centre: The project group learnt about forest, different nature environments, forestry. A tour on the nature track took place. Later Quizzes about traditions were played. A slight summary of the project was made.

As it was Valentine’s Day (called Friends’ Day in Estonia), “Find a Friend” was played and in the evening took place a popular event “Playback”.


There were some changes in the programme in Estonia: instead of making food, traditional food of Shrove Tuesday (bean or pea soup, pork jelly; buns with whipped cream) was tried. Also, instead of making different photo stories ( of the activities during the stay in Estonia and celebrating Shrove Tuesday, students in transnational groups created Quizzes( about all the traditions the project covered in three years’ time. In addition was used to create a story about friendship.