Children’s Day in Hungary

Children’s Day in Hungary

Celebrating Children’s Day, coordinated by the Hungarian school in Budapest, Hungary took place from the 13th till the 19th May. (In Hungary the Children’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May every year, but the schedule of the participating did not allow us to be present exactly on that day.)

This time students had to introduce the Student Council work in their school. The main activities were team building, games and sports, discussions over the children’s rights and duties were held and as a summary of the work a poster “Duties as Butterflies and Rights as Flowers” was created.

Students learnt to use internet environments like Piktochart and Quiznetic. Voting for the best logo took place and the winner was Finnish school, which got the prize at the school concert. Also in the programme, there was sightseeing and we learned a lot about Budapest, its sights, famous people and history.


14 May – Introducing the host school. Icebreaking activities. Presentations on the Rights of the Child. Sightseeing in Buda Castle.

15 May – Project work: Country presentations on the work of students’ councils of each school. Working on ideal school rules using Piktochart, sharing on Padlet. Logo competition. The balance of children’s rights and duties. Making posters. (Motto: Rights are as beautiful as flowers, duties are as light as butterflies.). School Concert in the Concert Hall.

16 May – Children’s railway in Buda hills, short walk. Sightseeing: the Parliament house, Budapest Cathedral.

17 May – Children’s rights game using Quiznetic. Children created their own Quiznetic games. Walk on Margaret Island. A boat ride on the Danube.

18 May – Making tutorials on how to use Padlet and Quiznetic. Uploading project products on GoogleMyMaps. Sightseeing: Gellért hill, Old Market Hall, Hősök square.

There were some changes in the programme due to the weather conditions – for example, we did not go to the town tour when it was raining but did it the following day – but everything that was planned was reached.